How to Activate Spedal Software

Spedal webcamera software is a video stream adjustment software specially developed and designed for webcams. Customers can use the software to modify the color, size and more of the image in the process of using the camera, such as online courses, video conferences, and webcasts, so as to achieve better image presentation quality to meet the needs of different scenes.

The software is compatible with other brands of cameras on the market, such as Logitech, Nexigo, Anker, Aukey, eMeet, etc. In addition, the software is compatible with common video call software such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, and the screen adjusted by the Spedal software can be called by other software as a virtual camera.

So how to activate the spedal software. First, you can search for spedal software on the Apple Store to download, or you can download the software by clicking the link:

When the software is not authorized, some functions are not activated. Users need to send an email to Spedal's official service mailbox to obtain the activation code. Path to obtain authorization on the software interface: Help-License File-Copy Machine Code. Please send your email address, machine code and purchase order number to
spedal webcam software
Our staff will send the authorization code to your mailbox within 48 hours. Please copy the received authorization code to the Spedal application software (path: Help-License File) to activate all the functions of the software.
spedal webcam software

Thank you for your support of spedal. If there is anything occur during use, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a solution as soon as possible.
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