Spedal's Two Most Popular Driving Recorders During Double Eleven

In the Double Eleven just past, many products of spedal were loved by the public, and sales reached a new high. According to statistics, the two most popular products of spedal are dashcams, one is the 668 series, and the other is the 586 dash cam.

You may be familiar with the 668 series driving recorder. This is a radar detector, dashcam and GPS 3 in 1 combined. In the current market, most driving recorders do not have the 3-in-1 function of the spedal 668 series. Therefore, the spedal 668 series dashcam can meet more needs of customers.

Another dashcam model may not be familiar to everyone, the spedal 586-type driving recorder is a new product launched recently. Its special point is that it is a driving recorder with mobile phone screen projection function. When this driving recorder is connected to your mobile phone, you can directly touch the screen on dashcam to operate it, such as navigation, listening to music, and watching movies, which greatly enriches the fun on the way.

Of course, spedal does not have only two type dashcams. When choosing a driving recorder, you can choose it according to your needs. If you are not sure which one is more suitable for you, you can tell us your needs and we will recommend suitable products for you.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via service@spedaltech.com. We are always at your service.
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