The Origin of the World's First Webcam

What can a webcam be used for?

Nowadays, the demand for online education, online training, home office and live broadcasting has increased dramatically. Products such as video conference webcams and live streaming webcams have quickly become popular products in global e-commerce. A high-quality webcam can be used for online video teaching, live games, video chat, online business meetings, and so on.

Do you know what the world’s first webcam was originally used for? The first webcam was invented by scientists at the University of Cambridge. Some scientists who like to drink coffee often find that there is no coffee when they go to the coffee machine, which will cause them to waste time. Finally they wrote a program and invented the first webcam to observe the coffee margin. This is the origin and purpose of the first webcam, isn't it interesting?

After continuous updates and upgrades, the webcam developed rapidly. Spedal webcams are also constantly being optimized, and the product sales are all over the world. We are committed to becoming a more professional consumer imaging brand, hoping to provide users with a better experience.
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