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Spedal MF920 Pro Webcam

TechSpedal |

Spedal MF920 Pro webcam with a broad view angle of 120 degree to conclude wide space in the video. Angle can be adjusted by using the SPEDAL software. Suitable for conferences, online courses, etc.

✅Equipped with a 120 degree wide angle camera, Spedal MF920 Pro webcam is especially suitable for boardroom meetings, telecommuting, or multiperson chats. Great for business video meetings in conference rooms. A 120 degree wide angle field of view enables everyone in the room to be seen.

✅It equips with built-in noise-canceling microphone, which is specifically optimized for ultra-clear conversations in huddle rooms.

✅To achieve better image presentation quality and meet the needs of different scenes, customers can use the software to modify the Exposure/ Brightness / Resolution / Saturation / Contrast / Sharpness / PLF(HZ) / White Balance etc.

✅Spedal webcam has wide compatibility, suitable for most video applications :OBS, XSplit, FaceTime, Google Talk, Nimbuzz, Line, Imo, Facebook, etc.

The above is a brief introduction to the spedal MF920 pro webcam. If you are interested in the item or if you want to know more, please leave a message.

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Spedal MF920Pro - 120° Wide Angle 1080P Conference Webcam(With Software) Full HD 1080P Live Streaming with Built-in Microphone | Spedal-Store

1 comment

Hi, I purchased a Spedal 920 webcam from Amazon about 6 months ago in the UK and from day 1 it has sufferred from horizontal interference lines – I have struggled to fin a support site. Any ideas?

Noel Ovenden,

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