Spedal Navicam Series

Smart hardware is born with the mobile Internet. Judging these products will not only by limited to hardware capabilities. Navicam series products endow the driving recorder with more functions through wireless connection, which greatly enriches the driver's driving experience.

Spedal Navicam Series

Navicam series products are the latest generation of smart driving recorders. Users can connect mobile phones through Carplay or Android Auto wireless connection, thereby breaking the barriers between driving recorders and the internet.

At present, Navicam series products cover cars, pickups, RVs, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and other models, suitable for various user groups.

Spedal CL588 Navicam

After you connect NaviCam-CL588 with your Apple/Android mobile phone via Caplay or Android Auto, you can not only control the mobile phone application by manual operation on this product, you can also focus on driving without waking up the mobile phone and wake up the voice assitant by saying Hey Siri/Ok Google to the product and perform various operations.

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Stable wireless connection

Support more stable and convenient Carplay and Android Auto wireless connections, covering the largest user groups of Apple and Android phones.

Virtual voice assitant

You can wake up Siri or Google to control the APP through voice input to Navicam, effectively reducing the safety hazards caused by the driver's distraction and direct manual operation of the mobile phone.

HD front/rear double recording

The device and the rear camera have dual 1080P high-definition resolution, and a 6-meter extension cable. It can support small vehicles such as cars and pickups, and the rear-pull camera can be installed inside or outside the car.

  • Dedicated

    The Spedal brand has been focusing on the research and development of products in the electronic imaging industry for nearly ten years, and has accumulated rich experience in industry products.

  • Professional

    On the car video track, Spedal forged ahead, combining the driving recorder with the most popular mobile Internet with a special vision.

  • Concentrative

    Navicam caters to the development trend of in-vehicle electronic products,is an expert in the intelligent multi-media driving recorder industry, and is your best choice.

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