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Spedal Webcam Software

陈茂钦 |

Spedal camera software is a video stream adjustment software specially developed and designed for webcams. Customers can use the software to modify the color, size and more of the image in the process of using the camera, such as online courses, video conferences, and live streaming, so as to achieve better image presentation quality to meet the needs of different scenes.

Q: Will spedal software be incompatible if I use other cameras?
A: Spedal software has broad compatibility.Spedal camera software has been developed for Windows and Mac versions. The software is compatible with other brands of cameras on the market, such as Logitech, Nexigo, Anker, Aukey, eMeet, etc.
In addition, the software is compatible with common video call software such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, and the screen adjusted by the Spedal software can be called by other software as a virtual camera.

Q:Does this software have beauty and filter functions?
A:Yes, it can.The beauty function can effectively improve the performance of the face in front of the camera, and the filter can adjust the overall presentation style of the picture.

You can salso adjust the camera's brightness, contrast, hue, transparency, saturation, etc. in the basic settings.beauty and filter functions

Q: Other webcam app also has above functions, so why should I choose to use the spedal webcam software?
A: Well, spedal software supports single and multiple video streams. Users can add multiple scenes or devices under the scene and video equipment acquisition module. This setting is suitable for users who need multiple angles or scenes.

In addition, this app has mixer function. Through the mixer function, you can adjust the audio volume, channel, balance, sync offset, monitoring, track, etc

Download Link:

If any problems occur during use, please contact us via the after-sales mailbox service@spedaltech.com, or leave a message via the official website: www.spedal.cc


Good Day

I am attempting to download the Sedal Software but when I click on this link:https://spedal.cn/support/download-software/
it produced a 404 Not Found

Please assist.

Alysia Jugmohunsingh,

I need download you software and the link is not working can you send me one good.


thats it

luiz henrique moreira lessa,

Salve sto cercando di scaricare il software da questo link, ma non funziona. (https://spedal.cn/support/download-software/)
Potreste dirmi cortesemente dove è possibile scaricarlo? Oppure inviarlo voi alla mia mail?

Grazie infinite

Gerardo Pisano,

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