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Enhance Your Riding Experience with NaviCam CL876 Multifunction Motorcycle Smart Screen

Enhance Your Riding Experience with NaviCam CL876 Multifunction Motorcycle Smart Screen

ZixuanLiu |

NaviCam CL876 Smart Screen is a revolutionary helper in the motorcycle industry, whose value lies in providing riders with an unprecedented smart experience and comprehensive monitoring. More than just a navigation system, this smart screen integrates a number of advanced technologies to offer riders with an unprecedented riding experience.


6.86-inch Widescreen Experience

The 6.86-inch wide screen of the NaviCam CL876 gives the rider a wider and clearer view of the road while riding, as vision is the key to the rider's perception of the road conditions. When traveling at high speeds or under complicated road conditions, the wider field of vision allows the rider to observe the road conditions in front of him/her more clearly to ensure better driving.


1080p 60FPS Front and Rear Cameras

In complex traffic areas, the dual front and rear cameras can be the rider's "black box". 1080p 60FPS HD camera can help clearly record driving conditions, and the high frame rate video provides more detailed and accurate recordings, providing riders with strong evidence. In the event of an accident, this video information becomes an important basis for resolving disputes.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Safety is important in motorcycle riding. The NaviCam CL876 features the tire pressure monitoring system that allows you to monitor motorcycle tire pressure in real time and accurately detects abnormal pressure. When abnormalities are detected, the system immediately sends an early warning signal to the rider, enhancing riding safety and confidence.


Auto Dimming Function

NaviCam CL876 intelligently adjusts the brightness according to the ambient light, ensuring a clear display under different lighting conditions. Whether it's sunny in the daytime or dim at night, the display intelligently adjusts to ensure that the rider can see the information clearly, bringing a convenient and worry-free riding experience.


Wireless Carplay & Android Auto

Effortlessly manage your music, handle calls, and navigate your way using the NaviCam CL876's Wireless Carplay and Android Auto functionalities. Equipped with Dual Bluetooth technology, including Bluetooth 4.2 & 5.0, riders can seamlessly link multiple devices, swiftly switch between audio outputs, and maintain focus on the road ahead. Elevates the overall riding experience by adding comfort and convenience.


IP65 Waterproof Level 

NaviCam CL876 is IP65 rated waterproof, providing riders with reliable all-weather protection. Stable operation in heavy rain or risky riding environments ensures the reliability of the device, provides a safe riding experience and extends the product life.


Supports Wired and Wireless Control

NaviCam CL876 provides both wired and wireless control, so you can choose the convenient control method according to your needs. Wired ensures the stability of the device, allowing the rider to focus on the road conditions; wireless provides more convenient operation, easy and flexible riding.


Crystal-clear Screen with 1000lm Brightness

The NaviCam CL876's 1000lm high brightness screen ensures a clear, easy-to-read display in all environments. Whether it's a bright daylight day or a dimly lit night, the display delivers a high-brightness image that allows the rider to clearly see the information on the road. This high-brightness design not only improves riding safety, but also provides riders with a great experience in a variety of lighting conditions.


Voice Control

The NaviCam CL876 smart motorcycle display offers powerful voice control with Siri and Google Home control support. This feature empowers the rider with more convenient ways to control the device without leaving the riding position. Through voice commands, riders are able to perform a variety of operations, such as playing music, waking up to navigation, making phone calls, and more. Convenient operation without leaving the riding position enhances riding safety, focuses on road conditions, and enjoys smart convenience.



The versatility and innovation of the NaviCam CL876 smart screen brings motorcycle riders an unprecedented riding experience. Whether it is providing a clear view, all-round monitoring, intelligent operation, or multiple connectivity options, it demonstrates its position as the industry leader. Choose the NaviCam CL876 and experience a whole new level of motorcycle riding.

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