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How to choose a suitable webcam?

陈茂钦 |

Live streaming? Teaching? Online meeting? Take a video?How to choose a webcam that suits you?
Spedal has been dedicated to the research and development of webcams for nearly 10 years, and has produced a variety of webcams with different performances. In this article, we will briefly introduce the following products to facilitate your shopping choices.

MF830: Full HD 6-layer coating lens captures high definition image and video at 1080P/30fps. Great for online teaching and video conferencing. This webcam is relatively cheap, suitable for people with limited budget.


MF920 Pro: The webcam with a broad view angle of 120° to conclude wide space in the video. Angle can be adjusted by using the spedal software. Suitable for conferences, online courses, etc.
MF920 Pro

AF926H: 1080P/60fps auto focus webcam. Smooth resolution of 1080P plus up to 60fps frame rate and smart exposure. this webcam offers high quality of video for live streaming and conferencing


MF934H: 1080P/60fps manual focus webcam. Streaming webcam with 60fps high frame rate and built-in noise-reduction microphones. It brings remarkable video and audio to your live streaming and conferencing.


Now let's make a summary.
If you have a limited budget, you can choose model MF830.
If you want to use it to hold online meetings or engage in related industries, you can choose the model MF920 Pro.The performance and expressiveness of this one are extremely good.
Model AF926H and model MF 934H are also suitable for live streaming and conferencing. If you are used to automatic focusing, you can choose Model AF926H. If you want to adjust the focus manually, you can choose model MF 934H.

Spedal store has many different models of webcams, if you don’t know which one is more suitable for you, please feel free to tell us your need, we will always at your service.

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