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Where did you hear about the Navicam CL876? Kickstarter? 😁

Where did you hear about the Navicam CL876? Kickstarter? 😁

TechSpedal |

Since the launch of our Kickstarter campaign on August 17, 2023, Our Navicam CL876 (motorcycle GPS&Carplay) has received tremendous support from the global riding community. With 273 backers from 39 countries and regions, we raised an impressive HKD 683,100. This enthusiastic response underscores the universal appeal and necessity of CL876 for motorcyclists worldwide.😍

Our audience is diverse yet united by a passion for the open road. We’ve seen significant backing from the United States, France, Singapore, and Australia, with supporters ranging from 25 to 65 years old. These riders share a love for motorcycle culture, outdoor adventure, and cutting-edge technology, making CL876 a perfect fit for their needs.💪


Feel free to tell me where you heard about CL876 in the comments below, and you are also welcome to share your stories about CL876!

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