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如何激活 Spedal 软件

TechSpedal |


该软件兼容市面上其他品牌的摄像头,如Logitech、Nexigo、Anker、Aukey、eMeet等。此外,该软件还兼容Skype、Microsoft Teams、Zoom等常见视频通话软件,并且Spedal软件调整后的屏幕可以被其他软件调用为虚拟相机。

那么如何激活spedal软件呢。首先,您可以在Apple Store搜索spedal软件进行下载,也可以点击链接下载软件:http: //spedal.cn/support/download-software/

当软件未授权时,部分功能无法激活。用户需要发送邮件至Spedal官方服务邮箱获取激活码。软件界面获取授权路径:Help-License File-Copy Machine Code。请将您的电子邮件地址、机器代码和采购订单号发送至 service@Spedaltech.com
spedal 网络摄像头软件
我们的工作人员会在48小时内将授权码发送至您的邮箱。请将收到的授权码复制到Spedal应用软件中(路径:Help-License File)即可激活该软件的所有功能。
spedal 网络摄像头软件



This really sucks! I buy a new webcam and can’t use it until this authoritarian company decides to send me an access code? What’s up with this? For a cheap, $2 camera from eBay, I have to give out personal information just to use it. Maybe the garbage can is a better place for this camera.


Hi, I purchased a Spedal 388T and has arrived in Singapore but cannot use locally I try to update but there is no website to download the update for Singapore. As such I am paying $155 and end up useless item. Appreciate if you can send me the website. I purchased from AliExpress. Thank you


Dear Spedal,

My machine code is: ef70c2f2977a4419ad836bda4a98a14d

Please send me an activation code,

Kind regards,



Hi, I have a MF 920 Pro and would like software to take photos. I saw your downloadable software but the link to it was broken. Can you advise? Thank you

Wiliam Holmes,

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