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CL860-Portable 9.3" Wireless CarPlay Car Stereo with Dash Cam

$189.99 $259.99
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  • 【2023 Newest Portable Carbuddy】Discover the smart world of carplay with our 860, boasting a 9.3-inch apple carplay screen. This portable carplay display effortlessly integrates both apple car play and android auto, letting you effortlessly connect your smartphone. Whether you're making calls, sending texts, navigating, or jamming to your top songs, we've got you covered. Plus, we're making it easy to add apple carplay to any car with plug-and-play options for both wired CarPlay & Android Auto
  • 【Android/IOS Mirror Link】 NaviCam-860's AirPlay (iOS) and MiraCast (Android) features allow you to wirelessly mirror your device's screen on the 9.3-inch large display, making it perfect for sharing media, navigation, or other applications with passengers
  • 【Front 4K & Rear 1080P Cameras】Our built-in front camera offers stunning 4K resolution, ensuring crystal-clear, high-quality footage. The rear camera provides sharp 1080p video, giving you a comprehensive view of your surroundings. Bonus Tip: With two mounting brackets included, opt for the headrest mount to transform the rear camera into a baby monitor, keeping a close eye on your little one
  • 【APP Playback/Loop Recording & 64GB TF Included】The machine has built-in 5G WiFi, download the [RoadCam] APP to get playback recorded video and image. The package includes a U3 high-speed 64GB TF card for seamless loop recording
  • 【Freely Switch Full/Split Screen】Our car screen apple carplay system offers a split-screen mode, enabling simultaneous views from the front and rear cameras. You can easily switch views between the cameras, car play, or android auto, providing a tailored visual experience on a high-res 1600x600 apple car play screen
carplay with dash cam 9.3inch

2023's Ultimate CarPlay and Android Auto Car Screeen:Dive into a seamless driving experience with 9.3-inch car display. Whether you wish to add CarPlay to any car or need an Android Auto screen, this is your go-to solution.Compatible with Wireless & Wired Apple CarPlay/Wireless & Wired Android Auto.

4K dashcam

Front 4K + Rear 1080P Dual Cameras

On an expansive 9.3-inch screen with a sharp 1600x600 resolution, the NaviCam-860 brings you unparalleled clarity. The front dashcam captures up to 4K, ensuring every detail pops, while the rear holds steady at 1080P. Support converting the rear cam into a vigilant baby camera.


Versatile Split-Screen Modes


  1. Navigate to the setup interface and select the system icon.
  2. Change from 'Split mode' (default) to 'Full mode' under 'Screen Display'.
  3. Restart the portable car stereo and reconnect to Carplay/Android Auto.
  4. Launch the map. For an expanded view, simply tap on the map.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
B. L.

After a month of use, I remain very impressed with this small airplay unit. I bought it primarily to use in rental cars. I do a lot of rentals for work and want to have airplay/android auto when I'm traveling. Not all rental cars have it. Honestly, my 10 year old daily driver doesn't have it either...

1. Rental car use...
The suction cup mount works surprisingly well and reliably. The biggest problem is finding a good spot on the window, where the dashcam has a good view, the device is reachable to use the touch screen and it's not in the way of driving visibility. So far, every car I've tried it has been successful, with a bit of tweaking at the outset. No complaints.

I also REALLY like that in a rental car, I can tell by BT connection NOT to share my contacts and messages, since this unit handles contacts, messages and phone calls perfectly. No need to share your data with the rental car. Just connect your phone to the car via BT and select NO when it asks about sharing contacts and messages. Everything will show up on this device instead. Or.. you can share with the car if you want to...

2. Personal vehicle....
I was pretty happy to have airply in the rentals so I decided to install a dash mount in my car to use it there also. The included dash mount is a little short for my sloped dash, so, I ordered a mag safe mount intended for phones that is taller and I installed that on my das. This little unit fit perfectly. I have a good view of the road and the unit is in easy reach to manage the touch screen...

One small problem with initial installation... I don't know what caused it, but, the first time I connected this unit to my phone, it would drop out my music constantly... I wound up deleting all of the BT connections, updating the firmware and reconnecting everything from scratch. After that, no problems since (been about a month so far)...

And just a reminder.. this unit is small... it's a fine size for the job it needs to do... slightly bigger than my phone screen... The size is actually quite good for leaving you with mounting options that don't block visibility. I tried a much bigger 9" screen version of a similar device and hated how it blocked my view pretty much anywhere I tried to mount it... so.. this thing works great for me, but, keep the smallish size in mind.

Bottom line... this thing works great and although I had to spend an extra $10 on a taller dash mount, I'm quite happy with this. Solid 5 stars.


When I bought the high mileage 2013 Acura RDX as a beater back in 2018, I deliberately chose the basic model with AWD for the Chicago winters. After spending too much money on maintenance and upkeep on the German luxury sedan, I needed a break and wanted a reliable, no nonsense dependable SUV. Although that goal was achieved, I did miss the amenities that this car didn't come with. In fact, this was the only car I have driven that didn't have a full option since the first car I purchased just out of college. When I saw this product, I knew this may be the little upgrade I have been missing. The unit is compact. I have the mount attached to the windshield. It is in a good spot where I can see and touch it. My i-Phone 13 is mounted on the vent mount. It is a good setup. The carplay function is very nice. It integrates well with my phone and the car's Bluetooth. Everything worked well from the installation, and it has worked well since. The fact that this also doubles as a dash cam is awesome. It is like having a buddy riding with you. In case of accidents and it will serve as the perfect witness. This has provided the little of extra amenity I had been missing. It is a nice product.

yanzi zheng

my car does not have gps system,was planing to replace my car sooner .but i dont feel like to buy new car now since i had this gps system. its very easy and convenient for me .so glad to had to this one . mostly the car play option.

D Bowman

I bought this on a whim to see how well it would operate with the existing media configuration in my pre-CarPlay Dodge Durango to see if it would appease some of my tech envy and new car craze — and this does exactly what I want! When I get in my car, everything reconnects exactly as I expect it to without a hassle. The audio uses car audio— and in the manual it describes BT audio or Aux audio capabilities. I didn’t like the aux audio capability because I wanted to retain audio control on my steering wheel. For my Durango, this device works perfectly with the in car Bluetooth or in car USB audio connection.

I don’t use the cameras so I can’t speak to their ability because I’ve been running this with the full screen map view (my preference) and I would buy this again even without the forward/rear camera capability.

The only negative is that the power cable provided with the car power connector is incredibly long— I used some Velcro wraps to tame the extra length. I tried to use a separate USB C cable to power the device (no luck) to see if I could use a different cable, but that would be the only adjustment I would make!

N. Davis

I have a 2010 accord that has no new features and this was great! Now i have a backup camera? Android auto, hands free wireless music and calls! I love it. The camera is way better and clearer than the one on my 2018 truck. Also I love that the camera can be adjusted up and down and it constantly records! Easy to tap into reverse signal too.

Perfect for Christmas gifts


CL860-Portable 9.3" Wireless CarPlay Car Stereo with Dash Cam

$189.99 $259.99
【2023 Newest Portable Carbuddy】Discover the smart world of carplay with...
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