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NaviCam CL876- 6.86" Multifunction Motorcycle GPS /Motorcycle Cameras

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🔥🔥NaviCam CL876 is a multi-functional smart motorcycle display screen. The original tire pressure monitoring function ensures riding safety, and the dual-camera high-definition video monitors road conditions in real time, making your riding safer. The 6.86 inches large screen and high brightness display allow you to view and record clearly in any weather!

Compared to traditional products, the display screen of NaviCam CL876 is larger, measuring 6.86 inches! It has a resolution of 1280*480P and presents clear and vibrant display effects with a high brightness of 1000Lm. Even on days with strong sunlight, it allows for easy and clear reading of information on the screen.

NaviCam CL876 features adaptive brightness functionality, ensuring clear screen visibility in different outdoor environments. Day or night, sunny or dimly lit, it automatically adjusts to the brightness level for optimal clarity, allowing you to stay focused on the road ahead.

NaviCam supporting dual 1080P Full HD cameras (front and rear) with a high frame rate of up to 60fps. It features built-in digital stabilization and rearview streaming for lane-changing assistance, ensuring safer lane changes.

Compared to 30Fps, the 60Fps technology will make the surface of the words captured while the motorcycle is moving clearer and more stable!The loop recording function ensures the latest riding footage is always retained, providing you with secure evidence and the ability to review your rides.

The tire pressure monitoring function provides real-time monitoring of the motorcycle's tire pressure, ensuring that you maintain a safe riding condition and reduce the risk of unexpected incidents.

CarPlay and Android Auto enable you to use your smartphone in a smarter and safer manner while riding. You can connect your smartphone to the NaviCam CL876 via Bluetooth, allowing your mobile applications to be directly mirrored onto the NaviCam CL876. This enables easy access to certain functions through touch controls.

NaviCam CL876 has Broadcom dual Bluetooth chips, supporting Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5.0Low Energy (BLE) modes and it also features Wi-Fi connectivity. Upon startup, it quickly connects to compatible with your devices. You can pair NaviCam CL876 with your Bluetooth helmet and earphones simultaneously. It supports group calls, ensuring clear voice communication with low power consumption and stable connections.

Voice Control

NaviCam CL876 has 4 control modes. You can control everything on NaviCam CL876 through Siri and Google Assistant using voice commands, such as GPS navigation, making phone calls, listening to music, checking messages, and more.

Touch Control

The screen of NaviCam CL876 is a touch control design, you can choose to view information by manually touching the screen.

Wired Control

Mirroring Control

The NaviCam CL876 is IP65 waterproof, protecting the main unit, lens, and cables from water, dust, and high temperatures. It excels in challenging environments, enduring heavy rain and muddy mountain trails without compromising functionality.

NaviCam CL876 is suitable for all motorcycles and comes with a mounting kit and tools for quick installation. The lightweight aluminum alloy bracket features a ball head design, 360° rotation to adjust the screen angle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Pierre Caron

Dans l'ensemble, ça fonctionne plutôt bien, mais voici ce que je lui reproche :
- Il ne conserve pas le réglage de l'heure (ou plutôt si, mais avec un décalage de 30 minutes !!!???)
- L'écran est très fragile et se raye très très facilement, ce qui rend la lisibilité compliquée en plein soleil.
- La résolution : tout est écrit beaucoup trop petit sur les GPS (Waze et Maps dans mon cas).
- La reconnexion au casque ou au téléphone parfois un peu capricieuse.
- Pourquoi avoir mis un connecteur aussi gros ?

Déconnexions, résolution non réglable, caméras qui filment à l'envers...

Le matériel semble de qualité, lorsque l'on déballe le tout.
J'ai suivi les plans de montage à la lettre.
1) malgré la connexion réalisée comme prévue, l'appareil ne sait conserver les réglages d'heure
2) à quoi sert d'avoir un bouton d'allumage fictif sur l'appareil ?
3) les caméras ne sont pas paramétrables et filment, dans mon cas, à l'envers (le SAV est muet malgré ma sollicitation par email)
4) beaucoup de déconnexions entre le CL876 et mon casque
5) dommage de ne pas pouvoir régler la résolution, tout est bien trop petit dans mon cas
6) les alertes de pression, elles aussi trop petites, sont en rouge sur fond noir, totalement illisibles
Ce produit n'est pas abouti et je regrette de n'avoir aucune réponse du SAV pour que la seul fonction probante, la vidéo, fonctionne normalement.

Martin Browne
Seriously quick delivery

Not got around to fitting yet, but seriously quick delivery and well packaged. Looking forward to setting up, thank you.

Russ C.
Best motorcycle carplay unit on the market

I've used the CL876 on a few rides now and I love it. The large, bright screen is easy to see and the menus are simple to navigate. It took me a while to bind the TPMS to the system but I figured it out and they work great. Highly recommended!

Buster Spicer
Cracking bit of kit

The CL876, is brilliant. Just what I was looking for and was very pleased with it. 2 slight problems, it would have been nice to have a wallet to put the Navicam in, and secondly, it would be nice to have a cover to go over the power lead when not in use. Ok, whinge over. I like it.

Perfect for Christmas gifts


NaviCam CL876- 6.86" Multifunction Motorcycle GPS /Motorcycle Cameras

From $229.00 $319.00
🔥🔥NaviCam CL876 is a multi-functional smart motorcycle display screen. The...


  • One Set (Unit+TMPS+CAM)
  • CL876 (Only unit)
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