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CL796L-7“ 便携式汽车音响,带 CarPlay 和倒车摄像头

$69.00 $109.90
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  • 【最新智能便携式汽车音响】兼容无线 CarPlay 和 Android Auto,轻松连接您的智能手机,并将功能和应用程序带到 7 英寸便携式汽车设备。轻松拨打电话、发送短信、使用地图导航和听音乐。无论您的车辆年龄或型号如何,都可以通过这项先进技术享受更安全、更智能的驾驶体验
  • 【Android/IOS Mirror Link】AirPlay (iOS) 和 Android Cast (Android) 功能可让您将设备屏幕无线镜像到 7 英寸高清显示屏上,非常适合与乘客共享媒体、导航或其他应用程序
  • 【带倒车摄像头的便携式CarPlay】倒车摄像头配备高清、防水、140°视角倒车摄像头,支持高清夜视。倒车时,倒车摄像头自动将图像显示在汽车屏幕上,让夜间停车更简单、更安全。充当停车助手。 (温馨提示:请将后线(红线)连接至尾灯。仅做辅助倒车,观察后车情况,不记录)
  • 【蓝牙立体声音质】升级的音频输出选项可让您直接连接到汽车的蓝牙,以获得无损的汽车音频体验。 (这种蓝牙连接方式保证了最佳、最稳定的音质,是您的首选。)另外还有3种音频输出方式可供选择:1. AUX 连接:只需将附带的音频线插入汽车的 AUX 端口。2.FM 传输。3.本机扬声器
  • 【简单且经济高效的安装】便携式设计可以轻松安装,无需修改或拆卸汽车的原始设备或寻求专业帮助。只需将设备安装在仪表板或挡风玻璃上,插入点烟器,即可开始使用!告别杂乱的电缆,享受整洁的环境。清晰明快的视觉效果确保在路上提供最佳的用户体验

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nice and great

The device is really nice, finally able to have Apple car play. I can access the Spotify with ease and the Apple map or Google GPS works really nice, finally dont have to look down at my phone for the GPS. I leave the device on top of my original screen as its easiest for me to see, but the box itself comes with supplies for you to set up anywhere you want on the car. The device also allows you to do air play, thats really nice to play some shows for kids to watch at the back too.


Its basically used for people who have a older car where they dont have GPS installed into their car. It works perfectly on my Mazda 2016. It also has Tex phone call maps calendar and music on there. The speaker isnt that loud thats the only downfall. Oh and it stays on all day and night even when your turn it off so idk if thats gonna drain my battery but if you unplug it you have to re-sync your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth back up and thats kind of annoying so I just leave my plugged into the lighter plug. So far my car is OK.

Keith H. Bryant
Couldnt be happier

When I first use Apple CarPlay, it was after installing it at my girlfriends Mercedes-Benz. I got excited to want to have Apple CarPlay in my car, but was disappointed to find out. I was one year too early before the Acura RTX had it. After finding this product, I couldnt be happier with the purchase. Very easy set up and placement made it feel right at home in my vehicle. All the accessories you need to place this in your car. Definitely recommend this product.

brandon r.
Just what I wanted

Really easy to set up, the hardest part was getting the screen bracket to clip into the stand. I wish they provided ways to make the wires look a little nicer, but thats what Amazon is for I guess. I put the suction cup stand on the adhesive mount, realized it wasnt positioned how I wanted it and repositioned the whole unit without any adhesion issues. Next I want to see if I can connect a backup camera to this set up.

Fast shipping and great product ??

Very cool. The only thing is that it's hard to find a good spot to put it in my car. This is not products fault. It's my cars manufacturer. ?? The carplay is awesome modernizes my 2013. Love it!

Perfect for Christmas gifts


CL796L-7“ 便携式汽车音响,带 CarPlay 和倒车摄像头

$69.00 $109.90
【最新智能便携式汽车音响】兼容无线 CarPlay 和 Android Auto,轻松连接您的智能手机,并将功能和应用程序带到 7 英寸便携式汽车设备。轻松拨打电话、发送短信、使用地图导航和听音乐。无论您的车辆年龄或型号如何,都可以通过这项先进技术享受更安全、更智能的驾驶体验 【Android/IOS Mirror Link】AirPlay...
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