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MINIEYE AI Collision Avoidance Device - Smart Dash Cam with ADAS

MINIEYE AI Collision Avoidance Device - Smart Dash Cam with ADAS

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  • 【Hi-tech Dash Cam with ADAS】MINIEYE AI Collision Avoidance Device provides a professional (ADAS) Advanced Driver Assistance System for car drivers. MINIEYE can identify and predict road surroundings, warn you in advanced of potential traffic safety risks through real-time voice alerts, which can effectively avoid traffic accidents caused by bad driving habits or road safety hazards, ensuring driving safety
  • 【Advanced Real-time Voice Alert】Equipped with ADAS system, MINIEYE smart dash cam can perceive vehicles, pedestrians and lanes, raise an alarm of any collision or accident risks up to 3.1 seconds in advance. Offering Forward Collision Warning/Pedestrian Collision Warning/Lane Departure Warning/Headway Monitoring Warning etc
  • 【3D Traffic Display】Similar to Tesla's touchscreen display, Minieye dash cam is the first ADAS dash camera that can achieve real-time display of dynamic road conditions. By running an elaborate algorithm based on distance between vehicles and their movements, MINIEYE gives out danger alert with visual and aural warning combined via its integrated screen, which will also display the vehicles detected at all times
  • 【AI Automotive Grade Chip】Built-in Ambarella 10nm automotive chips with strong performance and advanced profession. It not only ensures strong calculation and algorithm accuracy for the device but also strengthens device stability in high temperature and vibration environment. Aluminum alloy frame structure and flame retardant PC material work efficiently on device heat dissipation
  • 【High Definition Camera】With the SONY STARVIS sensor, MINIEYE smart dash cam greatly improves low light sensitivity, offering clear images in low light environments. HDR image algorithm balances the extreme variations of bright and dark conditions, ensuring high contrast and excellent scene reproduction. With its F/1.8 large aperture and 140°wide angle lens captures important details clearly under low light conditions
  • 【Wi-Fi Connection and Free APP】MINIEYE APP support both IOS & Android systems, allowing you to view, download and share HD video to social media with friends and family, and OTA updates through Wi-Fi in real-time. Also, control MINIEYE on your phone, such as changing video resolution, volume, and anti-collision functions settings
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