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Spedal DSP Laser Radar Detectors for Cars

Spedal DSP Laser Radar Detectors for Cars

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🚗【DSP Speed Radar Detector】Equipped with radar Mmic-Luna enhanced receiving module, advanced digital radar frequency division processing, rapid response to various types of radar signals. the farthest distance of lidar scanning can be up to 2000 M.
🚗【Advanced IVT Filtering】Filter other Interference signals, such as BSD, BSM, inverted radar signal, strong light, or other interference. with premium range and advanced filtering, prepare for anything on the road ahead and get more information.
🚗【GPS Technology】Massive amount of global highway data, section control, radar and laser radar speed measurements from highways and their measurement points are continuously updated. The more stable and accurate satellite signals will ensure your ride is safe and comfortable.
🚗【Smart Mode & Super Mode】SMART MODE - can be intelligently selected according to the driving speed of the vehicle (urban area, suburbs, high-speed road)style, which improves driving comfort and safety. SUPER MODE - radar detection customized to your driving style! Set the radar filtering level and radar anti-interference according to requirements.
🚗【Free Update Data】 Free database with global highway data, A built-in USB port allows free monthly updates to be performed at home and ensures your detector will never be out of date.

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